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The national office of civil aviation has authorised the Macedonian hang-gliding and paragliding association to be responsible for the well-regulated and safe execution of hang-gliding and paragliding in Macedonia. All 2glide tandem pilots have undergone extensive training and passed the demanding examination. In addition, our pilots are distinguished by their enormous paragliding know-how and superb flying skills.

Reasons why our standards of safety and professionalism are at the highest level. Our top priority is the trust, safety and personal support of our guests and thus we can guarantee our customers top quality and professional service. Our safety and support service concept is subjected to stringent regular checks by experts and includes the following:

- training, personal experience and qualification of pilots
- certification, suitability, condition and safety of equipment
- latest weather conditions checked continuously via phone and internet
- accident prevention and correct procedure in the event of unexpected changes in weather
- each pilot has attended a first-aid course
- each pilot has good language skills and is friendly and polite towards guests